The Jade Regent

Yetis in the Tunnels

Mug slumped, spent and badly beaten. The massive orks frame came to rest heavily on the ground. Its green mass matched the revenants corpse in pose, but yet his breath still came in and out. The thing that lay beside him had drained him, sucked the very essence of his powerful rage.

The old woman who followed the party approached him. Again her beautiful poetry filled the room. She seemed stronger, more sure in this place. Even though it appeared as dreadful as any place Caleb had ever seen, there must be still some trace of Desna’s divinity lingering. It empowered her somehow he thought. She lay her hands upon the ork’s arms just above his wrists. The old carved wounds lit up bright white alarmingly and then just as swiftly faded back to scarred black green. The magic flowed past his barriers, in and through. He got up with a quick smile, saving a spell of it for her.

The wizard Kalthanus stood motionless at the North-east passage murmuring. An annoyed frown creased his face. Whatever was up there in the ice, it was just past his magical apprehension and he didn’t like it. Caleb stood with him and listened but heard nothing. Kalthanus’ eyes snapped open after a few minutes, once the entire party had rested and the ork had rejoined them. Waving his arms in a magical manner at the barrier to the north east. The air stilled and electrified around him, arcs of blue green energy crackled between his hands and the barrier. This time it did not fall, the only result was a cackling laughter echoing from behind the wall. Incensed, the wizard tried again. The blue green light burst forth again and reached into a mechanical scream of noise and purple stars. The barrier held, as did the laughter.

Caleb, after admiring the magical display, catches himself and turns to find Mug gone. His keen eyes follow the ork’s heavy footprints embossed on the dirt and debris on the floor. They lead clearly up the North West passage, strange growls echo from their path. The inquisitor alerts Kalthanus and Koya and they begin to follow the ork quickly. The wizard teleports out of sight and Koya follows a short distance behind him.

A sudden movement catches Caleb’s eye as he strides forward, a shadow cast on the wall of the cavern to his left. The gun is already in his hand before he can command it to be, the creature already outflanked. Barely breaking stride, Caleb brings the ghostly pistol up to its barely humanoid cranium and blows its brains across the cavern wall. His strides don’t break as he rounds the corner to find Mug surrounded by wild Yetis. Koya brings a handkerchief up to her mouth as she steps past the headless body left in the inquisitors wake.

The Yetis attacks are feral and merciless, strike after strike of rocky spears and freezing claws rend the ork’s flesh. Only a few are parried, instead Mug chooses to cleave into the pack, breaking the momentum of their attacks at the expense of his own defenses.

Then Kalthanus is behind him and the blue green lightening jumps from Yeti to Yeti disintegrating a few and badly burning the others. Whatever is left is already being chopped to pieces by the now furious ork.

After a short rest the party split. Kalthanus and Koya keep lookout as Mug descends into the crevasse where the Yetis were hiding. Caleb strikes off on his own to stealthy explore the rest of the tunnels around them.

After only a few turns the inquisitor finds himself at an intersection of tunnels. The air is too crisp and still to sense anything but the sound of his own breathing. Something has been living in here for a long time. He just can’t quite get a sense of where they are. Before he can react the claws rake against his outstretched arm. The gun drifts away as his grip loosens, its dark smoke disappearing into the dark around him. A pair of red angry eyes take its place.

Sensing something is amiss, Kalthanus follows Caleb into the caves while Koya helps Mug ascend back from the depths of the crevasse. The short sharp noises of battle reach his ears before he goes too far down the path. His form drifts and light weaves around him as the spell of invisibility takes hold. He gracefully dodges past each of the Yetis that are advancing towards the rest of the party. Caleb’s body lies bloody and motionless on the floor at the intersection of a few old worn tunnels. “Not again.” the Wizard thinks.

Koya too is taken by surprise by the beast as she came up following Kalthanus. A savage yeti is waiting for her around the corner of the first bend and slashes into her. It doesn’t see the massive ork that is only a few feet behind her. His blade catches it’s head and the face is frozen in a grim look of surprise as it bounces down the wall away from its body.

Mug once again charges into a pack of the wild Yeti, rending their flesh with blurring sword strikes and shouting in a vicious fury. Kalthanus reappears again, coming out of nowhere, arcs of blue light crackle off the walls and smoke tendril up the flesh of each of the yetis.

Koya steps back away from the battle and surveys the situation. She marks the fallen inquisitor and the ever present wounds on the ork, using all her strength she draws on Desna again to burst positive energy into the room to aid her friends.

The last thing the leader of the Yeti pack sees is the bloodied pale corpse of the human it had just killed rising eerily to face it. The humans eyes glow impossibly black, the kind of nothing one sees only in the worst of terror. A sword slides horribly between his back ribs through his lungs and out from his front chest, he can’t perceive it. Those black eyes hold his vision. An arc of blue light sears his arms into short blackened stumps. He watches those eyes. Then the last sounds he will ever hear beat themselves onto his ears, though he can’t fathom their meaning. “Burn” the pale human says, and it is no more.

The Revenant

The door to south east concealed another two more headless wardens. Their auras pulsed with orange green light. The little motes danced sickly around the circumference of their hosts, occasionally swiping at the heroes as they too swayed and spun with swords and a gun. Fire leapt again and again from Kalthanus’ hands, devastating the two skeletons. They fell after what should have been a quick battle crept and wearied on the parties minds. These undead were stronger than they should be. Even as mighty Grey Rage cracked against their ribs they stood firm. One even withstanding a giant spike of rock pummeling it from above, Caleb’s bullets knocking it loose in a flurry of black cloak and silver white smoke.

The battle drew to a close as the last skeleton weakly dragged itself forward across the rocky ground. Mug crushed its ribs with a boot, it’s movement ceased. Just a terrible slight rush of sick air marked its peace. The dust cleared and Koya pointed at Kalthanus’s hand. A black veined jutted out against the pale flesh, tributaries of grey branched again and again all the way up his sleeve. Mummies rot, it would kill him within a few days, a long sad agony.

The mystic and the healer recovered from their shock quickly, combining their wisdom to investigate the malady. Kalthanus drank a powerful drought of magical elixir while Koya prayed over him. The poetry of Desna’s grace reflected from the walls and the air seemed lighter as she spoke. Darkened flesh of the mystics hand receded back and oily black evil dripped from his fingernails onto the pale earth.

The spoils are great in this place. Caleb and Mug find a bounty of gems and gold pieces in the two guard rooms as the wizard heals. Yet while they clamber over the dead rooms, they can hear the mocking laughter that followed them across the plains on the top of the world. The laughter mocked them even here, under the very mountains themselves.

Kalthanus was rejuvenated through the healing ritual and seemed to recover both in body and in spirits. With a magical gesture and a few words of power the the magical barrier across the bridge evaporated into nothing. The party continued on deeper into the belly of the necropolis.

The next room was a bright oval, with a white column at it’s very center that spread it’s rocky connections up to the roof, resembling a great white tree. Around it was a pool of iridescent violet water and to the west a figure laying still just at it’s very edge. They entered the room, Kalthanus warned them that there was powerful necromantic energy coming from the pool and set his will against its effects, trying again to disrupt its magic.

As the wizard mummer-ed the syllables that felt so familiar and yet completely alien, Mug wandered over to the figure and poked at it unceremoniously. Suddenly it sprang to life and a great sorrowful moan echoed around the chamber.

Caleb watched it as its form rose to its full height, almost reaching the massive ork’s full frame in measure. As blow after blow from the Ork’s magical sword rained down, it just stood there and took it. Finally in an emotion not quite anger and not quite fear, but greater than the sum of both, the dead thing’s howl tore through the hearts of everyone who stood before it. Only Kalthanus withstood the attack, the other’s simply froze in abject horror. Caleb’s wavering voice proclaimed the undead thing a revanent. An immortal who could never be felled lest it’s original killer was destroyed first. Yet there was a weakness, it could be stunned by seeing it’s own image.

Taking the advice of the inquisitor to heart, Mug grabbed the undead soldier in a feat of strength the party had never seen before, even from the massive ork. His green arms crushed the dead thing, finding it again and again even through it struggled. Eventually the ork wrestled him to the edge of the water just as Kalthanus’ arms were weaving and conjuring the blue light from out of the pool and into a brilliant ball of white light. As the color drained away from the water and the magic was dispelled, the thing perceived its own face and it fell to the ground on its knees sobbing.

Keeping a weary eye on the thing, but still needing to push further into the dungeon, Mug and Caleb studied a demonic door that faced them from the south west. Kalthanus used his magic to scout the tunnel leading up to the north east, chasing some movement he had caught in the shadows earlier.

The door in the wall creaked open as Mug pushed against it. Directly behind it stood an evil white specter, whispering and fell. It’s attacks ravaged the ork as Caleb emptied round after round into it. The thing was quickly draining Mug of his strength. Suddenly the revenant stopped weeping and on seeing the specter charged into it, slamming it again and again with it’s powerful claws. Even though the white beast was mostly incorporeal it could not withstand the combined attacks of the revenant, Mug, Caleb and Kalthanus all sundering it with their combined powers.

As the spectre dissipated leaving behind a jeweled mask and pieces of valuable armor on the floor, the revenant collapsed, a satisfied sound marked its final welcome end.

Along came a Spider

The path just seemed to keep getting worse but the party was resolute in their mission to get Ameiko to Minkai. Screams of pain and oaths echoed into the night from the wounded Oni. The creatures wings took it away too quickly and any thought of following it was given up.

Caleb stormed into the local tavern dramatically, demanding answers of how the Oni came to be hiding in the village. Even going as far as to shoot a glass of ale out of a patron’s hand. The villagers knew nothing about it and the inquisitor took their words for truth, he had ways of knowing if they were lying.

The Oni had flown to the north-west of their position which coincidentally (or not) was in the direction of the path of Agen-hai. So the party mounted the caravan with fresh supplies in it’s holds and left the village towards the town of Jaagi.

They head toward the wall of heaven mountain range, it looms up majestically in the distance, impossibly large mountains of sheer white. Ulf says it cannot be passed by scaling the slopes for there are no know paths between the peaks. There are paths to go under them though. An ancient necropolis lies beneath the mountains and provides a way to Minkai that Ulf has traveled before.

While they travel forward through the crisp arctic air some of the party hear laughter in it. They recognize it as the same voice that mocked them atop the storm tower. Too many have heard it for the sounds to be a trick of the wind.

As they get closer to the Wall of Heaven the party are attacked by a giant spider. Caleb fires at it with the ballista. Kalthanus summons a massive pool of black tentacles to slow it down as it creepily stomps toward them. Once the wizard saw the spider try to find it’s way through the tentacles he casts another spell and rips the ice from the ground itself. Two massive spikes of ice pierce the spider and send it flying over into the dark pool. Mug jumps atop the ice spires and fires down into the beast’s belly with his composite bow. He starts reloading but is taken by surprise as it flips over and sinks deadly poison fangs into his leg. Caleb finishes off the spider with another ballista bolt and the party desperately scramble to heal Mug with the help of Koya.

The rest of the path to the mountains is uneventful but for the constant laughing of the witch that seems to be following them from beyond the grave.

They find the entrance to the necropolis. It’s an old temple to Desna. Some statues still remain of the deity, yet they seemed to have been added to with human skulls painted with a red demonic face.

Once in the main chamber they see a large deep crevice with a small bridge across it. The bridge is blocked by glowing motes of light dancing lazily just above the middle of the rock. In front of the party are two small rooms. Caleb and Mug investigate the first room and surprise attack two skeleton warriors within. The undead are surrounded by an aura and are very hard to kill. The effect around them also looks similar to the glowing sprites on the bridge and it has its own will to attack Mug and Caleb.

The warriors eventually dispatch the skeletons and make their way deeper into the first room where rows of small cells contain piles jewels and gold coins.

The Top of the Storm Tower and the Dead Man's Dome

After the first sortie into the tower stalled the party retreated back to camp to recover. Kalthanus fell into a deep sleep and could not be awakened. The rest of the party also fell asleep naturally one by one until only a few of the caravan guards remained awake.

Takeo succumbed under the spell of something dwelling within the Storm tower. He took the Amatatsu Seal and wandered towards the tower alone easily avoiding the guards via the cover of night. The men were not expecting to have to keep anyone in the camp from leaving so their eyes held fast on the dark horizon.

The group awakened the next morning and quickly discovered the seal gone. Mug was able to track the tracks coming away from the caravan leading back towards the tower. Thinking it a strange desperate heroic move on Takeo’s part the party rushed after him to assault the Storm Tower again.

When the party reached the top of the tower they found a strange room with a massive glowing ball of light in its center. Around the sides were crystals emanating some sort of dark power. Takeo’s unconscious form hung in the middle of the air just below the giant ball of light.

A witch attacks the party, she has wings and evades most of the party’s attacks by flying high above them in the cavernous room. When they try to climb the walls or attempt to grapple her down the snow and winds unnaturally intensify thwarting their efforts.

Caleb and Magda prioritized trying to plug the top of the tower with the elevator platform, which reduced the snow and wind coming through the battle-ground. Mug meanwhile attacked the crystals around the side of the storm tower’s main room. Eventually by destroying the crystals the weather witch’s power was diminished and she became vulnerable. Mug’s savage rage-fueled attacks quickly overcame the woman and she fell.

The next day was pleasant and the party divided the spoils while nursing whatever wounds they suffered. Takeo was bound for his apparent treachery, although a few members of the caravan seemed sympathetic to his loss of control, it was deemed wise to restrict him from using weapons for the time being.

A couple more days ride north-east from the Storm tower, the party followed their guide Ulf Gormundr. A few of the guards noticed weird fluttering white shapes on the tundra all around them but quite far in the distance. Not knowing what the shapes could be and not sensing much danger from them the group carried on. Eventually the phenomenon increased and kept increasing at an alarming rate until the shapes were all around them in every direction save the path they were already heading. Toward the Dead Man’s Dome.

Feeling tired and overwhelmed the adventurers ride hard towards their destination as the shapes emerged from the ground revealed to be armies of the dead rising along their path, including undead giants. More and more rose as they get closer to the site.

Getting desperate for a way to bottleneck the army, Caleb barked orders to find a way into the collapsed tower. Unfortunately every lead was a dead end and the team and their charges were forced to climb up the slopes to stay ahead of the skeleton soldiers. When they reached the top of the dome Caleb again orders everyone to search for an entrance. Just as all seems lost, and the army of death close in for the kill, a giant ball of light appears amongst the party. “Kalthanus?” asked Caleb. It was not. It was the soul of the fallen warrior awakened after an age in the icy rubble. His vast power was reverberating through the ice as he bade them all flee while promising to protect them. The caravanneers rode and ran as best they could further North into the Ruun Uvas basin. A massive wave of energy appeared behind them. They waited as Caleb rode back to scout the fate of the caravan. He returned and reported that the way was clear all the way back to Dead man’s Dome and that there were now only a handful of skeletons to clear. So they happily recovered their caravan (with Kalthanus sleeping form intact) and headed to the village of Ul-Angorn.

Once at the remote village the party found the inhabitants friendly but very inquisitive. After a round of half drunken storytelling with the others Caleb sensed an imposing force watching them as they moved back towards the caravan through the village. The lurking be-cloaked man confronted Caleb after a brief pursuit and revealed himself to be another Oni, possibly one of the 5 storms. Caleb fled back to the caravan and he, Mug, Takeo and Koya managed to fend off the demon. It’s dark form flying away as the heavy wounds in it’s side seeped black foul juices.

The Storm Tower

The journey through the frozen North was an arduous and pensive one. The days grew shorter until the sky was swathed in a ceaseless night. And the night meant cold.

Changes amongst the caravan crew took place too and their interactions grew short with sudden snaps and outbursts of anger. Watches grew harder save for the magics that kept the crew wreathed in a mild warmth. The chill still persisted and appendages were never safe lest tucked deeply into garments or roasted on what meagre fires could be thrown together.

Ahead, ahead. Always the tower loomed. The dark clouds swirled around it ominously and a blue light at it’s pinnacle cracked the dark sky.

It’s base was shrouded with the frozen dead. The party approached with caution as cold, dead hands broke the ice beneath them and clawed to its surface. For once they navigated a challenge successfully and found themselves at the foot of a dark mire that spanned the base of the Storm Tower. The black sludge that trickled beneath the walkway had a sickly sweet smell and meant no good for anyone who touched it.

The party fended off the strange, vile, four armed assailants that rose from the mirk, though few fell prone to the black sludge. Yet the part entered the tower relatively unscathed.

There was an aura of intense magic that seeped through every stone. This magic is what must have drawn the strange fae plant creature to make this floor its domain. It attacked and attempted to swallow Mug prone. Again it’s attempts were futile against the strength of the party.


Next came the operation of the lift, which Kaltharnus had no trouble doing with his arcane knowledge.

The second floor proved a little more challenging. A remorhaz lingered as a guard. It’s scaled plates etched with the symbol of Sithuud. Clearly the beast had made some sort of pact with the demon lord. An intense battle ensued though one that left the party much battered than the previous level.


After the fight a magical room was discovered. One filled with wondrous and unknown machines. Their splendour shone through crystals and arcs of energy that traced their way along the wall. Small crystalline creatures scurried about the floor tending to the arcane machine. Their peace interrupted as Caleb took the butt of his pistol and shattered a large blue crystal near the entrance to the room. The room immediatley turned red and a loud thrumming noise commenced. The crystalline creatures took offence and gave chase to Caleb, who the party (all but Mug) left to fend for his own amoral actions.

Slaying a Dragon
White Dragon


The dragon put up a mighty battle. It was a great achievement for the party. They had never faced such a famed foe they had yet only heard of in stories and ancient tales. Only heroes slayed dragons, and here they face one toe to toe.

The battle was not easy. There was much the party did not anticipate fighting a dragon. It burrowed through the ice, erupting from the glacial cavern, above and below, snapping at the mortal flesh with it’s dagger toothed maw.

The dragon could fly, swift as the wind, it’s powerful wings beating the air ferociously. This was not a standstill battle.

More than once, Vesundvaag, the frozen dragon of the North unleashed its chill breath upon the chilled heroes.

But the battle was fought hard and it was won – bit by bit. Though, ultimately Vesundvaag was vanquished through arcane means. A particle thin ray blasted from the finger of Kaltharnus, disintegrating the massive beast. The following silence was eerie and the crackle of powerful magical residue was thick in the air. When had Kaltharnus gained such powerful magic?

Either way, the beast was slain and loot was left for plunder as the party plunged into the dragon’s horde.

A feast was thrown for the party – a mighty celebration back at Iqualiat. Though not all was sunshine and rainbows. Chief Nalvanaq and Hearthmistress Sonovut revealed to the Amatatsu Scions the learning of the village elders, as they had studied the vile pictograms in Tunuak’s bore.

What was revealed was that the Morozko storms were growing larger. They were seemingly controlled by a dark winged woman, whom they believed was in an ancient spire near the very crown of the world called the Storm Tower. These storms were undoubtedly releated to the Nascent Demon Lord Sithuud, who in his time reigned in his time by controlling the frozen dead.

There would be no way North, not without passing through the Storm Tower – This seemed clearly the origin of these storms. The pictograms also gleamed that the storms also ambitiously would grow large enough to one day engulf the whole word.

If the party would prevail, they must stop this dark winged woman – they must save the world from the powers of the Demon Lord Sithuud and kill the power of the hungry storms.


  • 1x Lesser Dragon Slaying Arrow
  • +2 Shortsword
  • Potion of Protection from Arrows
  • Ring of Feather Falling
  • Horse Terra-Cotta Talisman
  • Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (15 Charges)
  • Masterwork Light Steel Shield
  • Masterwork Cold Iron Spiked Gauntlet
  • Masterwork Composite Shortbow (+2 Strength)
  • Masterwork Spear
  • Climber’s Kit
  • 200 ft. Silk Rope
  • Giant piece of Amber (100g)
  • 3x Bloodstones (50g ea.)
  • Blue Sapphire (500g)
  • A Leather Quiver adorned with wolf’s fur and Snowcaster Elf designs (500g)
  • Various other gold, platinum, silver and copper
(Enter) The White Dragon's Lair
Shimmering Glory or Frozen Death

While in the village, the party comes to realize that the white dragon in the area presents a large problem for the village.

Around the village:
Pictograms on pillars are seen:
- Black stone rises from hills
- Towers glowing with pale blue light
- Single tower rises over lake
- Spiralling swarm devouring villages
- Blue skinned woman, grasps claw symbol

The village asks the party to help deal with the White Dragon in the area
The Party camps with the village and they give us provisions (bears claws Magical items) and gifts before we leave to attack the dragon!

- The party enters the deep and enormous cavernous area of the dragons lair. The regions are distant, and must be traversed by long ropes or by means of magics.

- The fight begins, and the party has engaged the dragon. Continued into next session.

From our Oct 20th Session (Cool Title Needed)

- Crossed the Terraska river
- Following the general trade route – path of agenhei
- Iqualit Town is visited (after we run away from sounds of a White Dragon)
- We push for two days and go from tired, to exhausted.

- Sunovit the hearth mistress

- Tunuac the shaman of the village tells us of cautious tales.
- Things are tense and we’ll have to leave the village soon likely

- Tunuac stole our SEAL!!!
- Luctac is the newer shaman possibly. Needs a spirit journey

- Party finds the rogue shaman at his altar, and fights him to the death.

- Party returns to Village to recouperate and explain the situation.

3 finger symbol on each item of sithid

Fire in the Snow
  • The party finally packs and prepares the caravan and begins the journey North
  • They cross through a mountain pass called Urjuk, or in their tongue, the Giant Downs
  • They are greeted by a booming voice that demands they not stray from the path lest they be thwarted by the spirits of the giants – the party complies
  • Once they cross into the Hasanaliat – The Marshlands where trappers and traders often dwell – the party encounters a hut, alive with the sound of cheer an music.
  • Chilled to the bone and looking for a good rest, the party enters the hut and they are greeted by a trader and offered to stay
  • Some members feel it would be prudent not to leave the Caravan unguarded and decide to weather out the cold
  • In the midst of the meal, the lights go out and all cheer disappears from the hut. The trader that greeted the party transforms into the visage of a burning hag, wreathed in green flame
  • She attacks hurling green fire at Mug and Kaltharnus – the flame burns and eats at Mugs skin leaving him badly scarred.
  • The party finally thwarts the Witchfire driving her back to the hell she came from ut is not left unscathed
  • Beneath the boards of the burned cabin, the find a +1 Adamantine Light Mace
Burning Steps in a Frozen Land

With Ravenscrag behind them, the Amatatsu Scions began preparation for their journey to the frozen North.

The people of Kalsgard were eager for trade – The plunder from the ancient Pharasmin Ossuary would make a good haul for those who knew where to sell them.

Stalking the hard stone cobbles of the industrious Ice Quarter, Caleb, who was followed by his companions, sought the stores who would provide the best sells. With his dark, slick tongue he could talk the most stalwart vendor into a better sell.

“Caleb Clay!” The voice echoed from ahead.

“I hereby proclaim you a traitor to the noble country of Cheliax.”

A wary cloud parted and ahead, Caleb could see a man – a Hellknight – clad from head to toe in nightmare black plate armour"

Mug clutched the hilt of his sword without hesitation and Takeo postured himself with a steady wariness.

“You two,” the Hellknight pointed at Caleb’s companions , “Cheliax has no problem with you. Step aside and all will be forgotten. It is Caleb who has caused offense. Do not make this worse for yourselves.” He spoke with an air of sympathy.

“Caleb! Put down your arms, and step forward,” A bright red, glowing ring was produced that shone with the fires of hell. It’s splendour cast a fear across Calebs face, and Caleb felt himself drawn forward, towards the man.

Immediately Caleb’s spirit-pistol manifested itself, clutched tightly in his fist and fired at the Hellknight tearing a hole through his armour. The force knocked him back and the power of the ring faded, releasing Caleb.

“Your persistent defection is not unnoticed!” rang a deep, unearthly voice from within the Hellknights helm. His hand jolts sideways and two red, writhing demons appear to either side of Caleb.

Caleb’s mind races – He knows he cannot defeat these demons alone. Then in an instant, his friends are there. Friends, of a sort – the best he has at this moment. Mug blasts one demon into oblivion, using a cherished Arrow of Evil Outside Bane, while Takeo moves, drawing the flaming Suishen to battle the next.

The ferocity of the battle that ensued caused a panic in the crowd. Not even Kalsgards guards came near, they knew this was diplomatic business and not to be involved.

However the trio was able to push the Hellknight back and slay his Demons.

The Hellknight, sliding backwards in his heavy plate activates his hellish ring. “I’ll be back for you Caleb Clay – And you TWO! This will not be forgotten” looking at Mug and Takeo, a fortex swirls around the man, enveloping him.


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