The Jade Regent

Along came a Spider

The path just seemed to keep getting worse but the party was resolute in their mission to get Ameiko to Minkai. Screams of pain and oaths echoed into the night from the wounded Oni. The creatures wings took it away too quickly and any thought of following it was given up.

Caleb stormed into the local tavern dramatically, demanding answers of how the Oni came to be hiding in the village. Even going as far as to shoot a glass of ale out of a patron’s hand. The villagers knew nothing about it and the inquisitor took their words for truth, he had ways of knowing if they were lying.

The Oni had flown to the north-west of their position which coincidentally (or not) was in the direction of the path of Agen-hai. So the party mounted the caravan with fresh supplies in it’s holds and left the village towards the town of Jaagi.

They head toward the wall of heaven mountain range, it looms up majestically in the distance, impossibly large mountains of sheer white. Ulf says it cannot be passed by scaling the slopes for there are no know paths between the peaks. There are paths to go under them though. An ancient necropolis lies beneath the mountains and provides a way to Minkai that Ulf has traveled before.

While they travel forward through the crisp arctic air some of the party hear laughter in it. They recognize it as the same voice that mocked them atop the storm tower. Too many have heard it for the sounds to be a trick of the wind.

As they get closer to the Wall of Heaven the party are attacked by a giant spider. Caleb fires at it with the ballista. Kalthanus summons a massive pool of black tentacles to slow it down as it creepily stomps toward them. Once the wizard saw the spider try to find it’s way through the tentacles he casts another spell and rips the ice from the ground itself. Two massive spikes of ice pierce the spider and send it flying over into the dark pool. Mug jumps atop the ice spires and fires down into the beast’s belly with his composite bow. He starts reloading but is taken by surprise as it flips over and sinks deadly poison fangs into his leg. Caleb finishes off the spider with another ballista bolt and the party desperately scramble to heal Mug with the help of Koya.

The rest of the path to the mountains is uneventful but for the constant laughing of the witch that seems to be following them from beyond the grave.

They find the entrance to the necropolis. It’s an old temple to Desna. Some statues still remain of the deity, yet they seemed to have been added to with human skulls painted with a red demonic face.

Once in the main chamber they see a large deep crevice with a small bridge across it. The bridge is blocked by glowing motes of light dancing lazily just above the middle of the rock. In front of the party are two small rooms. Caleb and Mug investigate the first room and surprise attack two skeleton warriors within. The undead are surrounded by an aura and are very hard to kill. The effect around them also looks similar to the glowing sprites on the bridge and it has its own will to attack Mug and Caleb.

The warriors eventually dispatch the skeletons and make their way deeper into the first room where rows of small cells contain piles jewels and gold coins.



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