The Jade Regent

Burning Steps in a Frozen Land

With Ravenscrag behind them, the Amatatsu Scions began preparation for their journey to the frozen North.

The people of Kalsgard were eager for trade – The plunder from the ancient Pharasmin Ossuary would make a good haul for those who knew where to sell them.

Stalking the hard stone cobbles of the industrious Ice Quarter, Caleb, who was followed by his companions, sought the stores who would provide the best sells. With his dark, slick tongue he could talk the most stalwart vendor into a better sell.

“Caleb Clay!” The voice echoed from ahead.

“I hereby proclaim you a traitor to the noble country of Cheliax.”

A wary cloud parted and ahead, Caleb could see a man – a Hellknight – clad from head to toe in nightmare black plate armour"

Mug clutched the hilt of his sword without hesitation and Takeo postured himself with a steady wariness.

“You two,” the Hellknight pointed at Caleb’s companions , “Cheliax has no problem with you. Step aside and all will be forgotten. It is Caleb who has caused offense. Do not make this worse for yourselves.” He spoke with an air of sympathy.

“Caleb! Put down your arms, and step forward,” A bright red, glowing ring was produced that shone with the fires of hell. It’s splendour cast a fear across Calebs face, and Caleb felt himself drawn forward, towards the man.

Immediately Caleb’s spirit-pistol manifested itself, clutched tightly in his fist and fired at the Hellknight tearing a hole through his armour. The force knocked him back and the power of the ring faded, releasing Caleb.

“Your persistent defection is not unnoticed!” rang a deep, unearthly voice from within the Hellknights helm. His hand jolts sideways and two red, writhing demons appear to either side of Caleb.

Caleb’s mind races – He knows he cannot defeat these demons alone. Then in an instant, his friends are there. Friends, of a sort – the best he has at this moment. Mug blasts one demon into oblivion, using a cherished Arrow of Evil Outside Bane, while Takeo moves, drawing the flaming Suishen to battle the next.

The ferocity of the battle that ensued caused a panic in the crowd. Not even Kalsgards guards came near, they knew this was diplomatic business and not to be involved.

However the trio was able to push the Hellknight back and slay his Demons.

The Hellknight, sliding backwards in his heavy plate activates his hellish ring. “I’ll be back for you Caleb Clay – And you TWO! This will not be forgotten” looking at Mug and Takeo, a fortex swirls around the man, enveloping him.



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