The Jade Regent

(Enter) The White Dragon's Lair

Shimmering Glory or Frozen Death

While in the village, the party comes to realize that the white dragon in the area presents a large problem for the village.

Around the village:
Pictograms on pillars are seen:
- Black stone rises from hills
- Towers glowing with pale blue light
- Single tower rises over lake
- Spiralling swarm devouring villages
- Blue skinned woman, grasps claw symbol

The village asks the party to help deal with the White Dragon in the area
The Party camps with the village and they give us provisions (bears claws Magical items) and gifts before we leave to attack the dragon!

- The party enters the deep and enormous cavernous area of the dragons lair. The regions are distant, and must be traversed by long ropes or by means of magics.

- The fight begins, and the party has engaged the dragon. Continued into next session.



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