The Jade Regent

Fire in the Snow

  • The party finally packs and prepares the caravan and begins the journey North
  • They cross through a mountain pass called Urjuk, or in their tongue, the Giant Downs
  • They are greeted by a booming voice that demands they not stray from the path lest they be thwarted by the spirits of the giants – the party complies
  • Once they cross into the Hasanaliat – The Marshlands where trappers and traders often dwell – the party encounters a hut, alive with the sound of cheer an music.
  • Chilled to the bone and looking for a good rest, the party enters the hut and they are greeted by a trader and offered to stay
  • Some members feel it would be prudent not to leave the Caravan unguarded and decide to weather out the cold
  • In the midst of the meal, the lights go out and all cheer disappears from the hut. The trader that greeted the party transforms into the visage of a burning hag, wreathed in green flame
  • She attacks hurling green fire at Mug and Kaltharnus – the flame burns and eats at Mugs skin leaving him badly scarred.
  • The party finally thwarts the Witchfire driving her back to the hell she came from ut is not left unscathed
  • Beneath the boards of the burned cabin, the find a +1 Adamantine Light Mace



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