The Jade Regent

From our Oct 20th Session (Cool Title Needed)

- Crossed the Terraska river
- Following the general trade route – path of agenhei
- Iqualit Town is visited (after we run away from sounds of a White Dragon)
- We push for two days and go from tired, to exhausted.

- Sunovit the hearth mistress

- Tunuac the shaman of the village tells us of cautious tales.
- Things are tense and we’ll have to leave the village soon likely

- Tunuac stole our SEAL!!!
- Luctac is the newer shaman possibly. Needs a spirit journey

- Party finds the rogue shaman at his altar, and fights him to the death.

- Party returns to Village to recouperate and explain the situation.

3 finger symbol on each item of sithid



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