The Jade Regent

Slaying a Dragon

White Dragon


The dragon put up a mighty battle. It was a great achievement for the party. They had never faced such a famed foe they had yet only heard of in stories and ancient tales. Only heroes slayed dragons, and here they face one toe to toe.

The battle was not easy. There was much the party did not anticipate fighting a dragon. It burrowed through the ice, erupting from the glacial cavern, above and below, snapping at the mortal flesh with it’s dagger toothed maw.

The dragon could fly, swift as the wind, it’s powerful wings beating the air ferociously. This was not a standstill battle.

More than once, Vesundvaag, the frozen dragon of the North unleashed its chill breath upon the chilled heroes.

But the battle was fought hard and it was won – bit by bit. Though, ultimately Vesundvaag was vanquished through arcane means. A particle thin ray blasted from the finger of Kaltharnus, disintegrating the massive beast. The following silence was eerie and the crackle of powerful magical residue was thick in the air. When had Kaltharnus gained such powerful magic?

Either way, the beast was slain and loot was left for plunder as the party plunged into the dragon’s horde.

A feast was thrown for the party – a mighty celebration back at Iqualiat. Though not all was sunshine and rainbows. Chief Nalvanaq and Hearthmistress Sonovut revealed to the Amatatsu Scions the learning of the village elders, as they had studied the vile pictograms in Tunuak’s bore.

What was revealed was that the Morozko storms were growing larger. They were seemingly controlled by a dark winged woman, whom they believed was in an ancient spire near the very crown of the world called the Storm Tower. These storms were undoubtedly releated to the Nascent Demon Lord Sithuud, who in his time reigned in his time by controlling the frozen dead.

There would be no way North, not without passing through the Storm Tower – This seemed clearly the origin of these storms. The pictograms also gleamed that the storms also ambitiously would grow large enough to one day engulf the whole word.

If the party would prevail, they must stop this dark winged woman – they must save the world from the powers of the Demon Lord Sithuud and kill the power of the hungry storms.


  • 1x Lesser Dragon Slaying Arrow
  • +2 Shortsword
  • Potion of Protection from Arrows
  • Ring of Feather Falling
  • Horse Terra-Cotta Talisman
  • Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (15 Charges)
  • Masterwork Light Steel Shield
  • Masterwork Cold Iron Spiked Gauntlet
  • Masterwork Composite Shortbow (+2 Strength)
  • Masterwork Spear
  • Climber’s Kit
  • 200 ft. Silk Rope
  • Giant piece of Amber (100g)
  • 3x Bloodstones (50g ea.)
  • Blue Sapphire (500g)
  • A Leather Quiver adorned with wolf’s fur and Snowcaster Elf designs (500g)
  • Various other gold, platinum, silver and copper



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