The Jade Regent

The Storm Tower

The journey through the frozen North was an arduous and pensive one. The days grew shorter until the sky was swathed in a ceaseless night. And the night meant cold.

Changes amongst the caravan crew took place too and their interactions grew short with sudden snaps and outbursts of anger. Watches grew harder save for the magics that kept the crew wreathed in a mild warmth. The chill still persisted and appendages were never safe lest tucked deeply into garments or roasted on what meagre fires could be thrown together.

Ahead, ahead. Always the tower loomed. The dark clouds swirled around it ominously and a blue light at it’s pinnacle cracked the dark sky.

It’s base was shrouded with the frozen dead. The party approached with caution as cold, dead hands broke the ice beneath them and clawed to its surface. For once they navigated a challenge successfully and found themselves at the foot of a dark mire that spanned the base of the Storm Tower. The black sludge that trickled beneath the walkway had a sickly sweet smell and meant no good for anyone who touched it.

The party fended off the strange, vile, four armed assailants that rose from the mirk, though few fell prone to the black sludge. Yet the part entered the tower relatively unscathed.

There was an aura of intense magic that seeped through every stone. This magic is what must have drawn the strange fae plant creature to make this floor its domain. It attacked and attempted to swallow Mug prone. Again it’s attempts were futile against the strength of the party.


Next came the operation of the lift, which Kaltharnus had no trouble doing with his arcane knowledge.

The second floor proved a little more challenging. A remorhaz lingered as a guard. It’s scaled plates etched with the symbol of Sithuud. Clearly the beast had made some sort of pact with the demon lord. An intense battle ensued though one that left the party much battered than the previous level.


After the fight a magical room was discovered. One filled with wondrous and unknown machines. Their splendour shone through crystals and arcs of energy that traced their way along the wall. Small crystalline creatures scurried about the floor tending to the arcane machine. Their peace interrupted as Caleb took the butt of his pistol and shattered a large blue crystal near the entrance to the room. The room immediatley turned red and a loud thrumming noise commenced. The crystalline creatures took offence and gave chase to Caleb, who the party (all but Mug) left to fend for his own amoral actions.



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