The Jade Regent

The Top of the Storm Tower and the Dead Man's Dome

After the first sortie into the tower stalled the party retreated back to camp to recover. Kalthanus fell into a deep sleep and could not be awakened. The rest of the party also fell asleep naturally one by one until only a few of the caravan guards remained awake.

Takeo succumbed under the spell of something dwelling within the Storm tower. He took the Amatatsu Seal and wandered towards the tower alone easily avoiding the guards via the cover of night. The men were not expecting to have to keep anyone in the camp from leaving so their eyes held fast on the dark horizon.

The group awakened the next morning and quickly discovered the seal gone. Mug was able to track the tracks coming away from the caravan leading back towards the tower. Thinking it a strange desperate heroic move on Takeo’s part the party rushed after him to assault the Storm Tower again.

When the party reached the top of the tower they found a strange room with a massive glowing ball of light in its center. Around the sides were crystals emanating some sort of dark power. Takeo’s unconscious form hung in the middle of the air just below the giant ball of light.

A witch attacks the party, she has wings and evades most of the party’s attacks by flying high above them in the cavernous room. When they try to climb the walls or attempt to grapple her down the snow and winds unnaturally intensify thwarting their efforts.

Caleb and Magda prioritized trying to plug the top of the tower with the elevator platform, which reduced the snow and wind coming through the battle-ground. Mug meanwhile attacked the crystals around the side of the storm tower’s main room. Eventually by destroying the crystals the weather witch’s power was diminished and she became vulnerable. Mug’s savage rage-fueled attacks quickly overcame the woman and she fell.

The next day was pleasant and the party divided the spoils while nursing whatever wounds they suffered. Takeo was bound for his apparent treachery, although a few members of the caravan seemed sympathetic to his loss of control, it was deemed wise to restrict him from using weapons for the time being.

A couple more days ride north-east from the Storm tower, the party followed their guide Ulf Gormundr. A few of the guards noticed weird fluttering white shapes on the tundra all around them but quite far in the distance. Not knowing what the shapes could be and not sensing much danger from them the group carried on. Eventually the phenomenon increased and kept increasing at an alarming rate until the shapes were all around them in every direction save the path they were already heading. Toward the Dead Man’s Dome.

Feeling tired and overwhelmed the adventurers ride hard towards their destination as the shapes emerged from the ground revealed to be armies of the dead rising along their path, including undead giants. More and more rose as they get closer to the site.

Getting desperate for a way to bottleneck the army, Caleb barked orders to find a way into the collapsed tower. Unfortunately every lead was a dead end and the team and their charges were forced to climb up the slopes to stay ahead of the skeleton soldiers. When they reached the top of the dome Caleb again orders everyone to search for an entrance. Just as all seems lost, and the army of death close in for the kill, a giant ball of light appears amongst the party. “Kalthanus?” asked Caleb. It was not. It was the soul of the fallen warrior awakened after an age in the icy rubble. His vast power was reverberating through the ice as he bade them all flee while promising to protect them. The caravanneers rode and ran as best they could further North into the Ruun Uvas basin. A massive wave of energy appeared behind them. They waited as Caleb rode back to scout the fate of the caravan. He returned and reported that the way was clear all the way back to Dead man’s Dome and that there were now only a handful of skeletons to clear. So they happily recovered their caravan (with Kalthanus sleeping form intact) and headed to the village of Ul-Angorn.

Once at the remote village the party found the inhabitants friendly but very inquisitive. After a round of half drunken storytelling with the others Caleb sensed an imposing force watching them as they moved back towards the caravan through the village. The lurking be-cloaked man confronted Caleb after a brief pursuit and revealed himself to be another Oni, possibly one of the 5 storms. Caleb fled back to the caravan and he, Mug, Takeo and Koya managed to fend off the demon. It’s dark form flying away as the heavy wounds in it’s side seeped black foul juices.


Good show sir! Thanks for the splendid write up. Large chunks of memory restored. <3


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