The Jade Regent

Land of the Linnorm Kings Ho!


Caravan Soundtrack while the Heroes roam the land of the Linnorms :D

Onwards for the Heroes

  • After the Heroes Caravan celebrates close to Brinewall, the Heroes gathered with Ameiko and Koya shared fortunes.
  • Discover that Ameiko is of a truly ancient and powerful family. No ordinary girl.
  • Amieko entrusts Heroes (Kaltharnus has it) with the Amatatsu Seal (tells us that once 5 of these seals existed, one for each of the divinely chosen rulers of the country of Minkai in Tian Xia)
  • Amatatsu / Rokuro backstory was told to us (see GM’s links ‘An Empire Awaits’)
  • Ameiko’s ancestors (Rokuro Amatatsu) fled from distant Minkai, and ultimately traveled over the ‘Crown of The world’ to Land of Linnorm Kings.

Lands of Linnorm Kings we go!

  • Note: Takes about 2 weeks easily – by Caravan.
    Caravan and Heroes MUST cross the Crown of the World to get to Tian Xia.
  • Heroes are to go to Kalsgard and find a guide (to take us to Tian Xia) and find a powerful intelligent SWORD (called Suishen), that will possibly shed more clues for Ameiko, the Sions, (and the Caravan) about our mysterious foes. This will greatly help Heroes get get to Minkai.
  • Heroes are asked to protect and carry seal to Minkai. Kaltharnus was given seal by Ameiko.

Kalsgard route notes

  • 14 days – 5 or 6 to Joll and Grungir Forest and then must travel along Rimeflow river to Kalsgaard
  • It will be hella cold, Heroes MUST prepare for Winter climates!


  • HEROES SORTED OUT CRAZY BRINEWALL SPREAD (It got exciting at points) – see Caravan page for details)

! Clearly nobody knows how to use a Kusarigama in the group ;) …yet!

CARAVAN LEVELING UP (To match Heroes levels)
2 feats were chosen – Enhanced Caravan (twice chosen)

The Empress Awakens
Finishing up Brinewall
Final Battle


  • The party exits the Brinewall dungeon to be confronted by the strange “Leader” in the Main Hall
  • The man is of Tianese appearance, but transforms growing wings – cold, glowing yellow eyes and a hardened red face with a wicked grin.
  • A battle ensues where he uses a magic Kusurigama (Asian ball, chain and sicle weapon) and the most advanced tactics seen by the party, yet
  • He makes the battle difficult by casting a spell that creates a blinding dust that fills the entire room.
  • Part way through the battle a harpy joins him in attempting to defeat the party
  • Christina shows up near the end of the fight to aid the party in the final moments
  • The party is finally successful in defeating their foes but faces several near death experience

Loot: Dancing Wasp (magic kusarigama), vials of ink (5), 5 shiny pearls (100gp/each when sold), Wood and Silver magical disk etched with the rising sun over Brinewall, Leather Armor, Composite Longbow, 20 Arrows, +1 Flaming Arrows (5), Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2), +1 Composite Longbow, 20 Arrows
EXP: Handed out during the sessions.

Castle Vault
  • Finally descending into the dungeon, the party confronted the shade of Rokuro Kaijitsu who attempted to defend the ultimate treasure of Brinewall’s vault.
  • Kaltharnus was able to recognize the shade and lulled him with the memories of his identity and family. The shade disappeared and revealed the secret vault hidden behind the walls
  • A series of chests was waiting for the part, one containing the Amatatsu Seal – four others which seemed mysteriously tailored to each member of the party. Everyone received an item from their chest except for Caleb.
  • The party returned to the caravan, and upon opening the Warding Box a vision appeared to all members of the party.

In the visions, the PCs see an army of terrible fiends—with burning skin, glaring eyes, and sharp tusks, wearing strange armor and wielding exotic weapons—emerge in a storm from a vast forest, then descend upon a nation populated by Tian people. This vision is swiftly followed by another: a young man dressed in royal robes stands over a simple well, a friend at his side. Suddenly, the friend grows nearly three times in size and is sheathed in a frightening suit of jade armor. The jade warrior draws a sword and strikes down his royal friend, then holds the bloody sword aloft in triumph. A third vision follows, this time of a young Tian man handing a beautiful sword to a richly dressed Ulfen man in exchange for a bag of gold. Finally, this vision fades, and the PCs see their friend Ameiko waking from her deep sleep, but she is dressed in the finery of an empress. She rises from sleep not in a humble Varisian caravan, but from a resting spot within the arms of a jade throne.

Loot: Grayrage, Thassel’s Tower, Leaf of the Everburning Tree, Valos’s Tongue
EXP: 460XP Each

From Sandpoint to Brinewall
The Journey Begins

From Sandpoint to Brinewall

I’m going to update this with a bullet point synopsis of the adventure so far.

(AA- I pasted a simple bullet list of points from Sandpoint to Brinewall. Greg will fill in the details. Cheers) Tues,Sep11


Location~ Bar Inn Ameiko’s Rusty Dragon Inn

  • Motley unknown strangers, banded together to fight goblins.
  • Sandru brought mug in random. Mug was raging and Fugue’ing in from from the hills. Sandru meets Mug at a calm point it would seem.
  • Caleb was mysterious and out of nowhere (nettles)
    He was visting – Family friend of Koya (mother passed away and payed condolences)
  • Krojun : Skeleilu is his guide, and helping him adjust to civilization and nature
  • Skeleilu saved Kaltharnus from the Cinder Lands.

Caravan Heroes gathered and headed into Brinestone Swamp

  • Walthus Proudstump settlement in marsh
    The bastard attacked us. Hilarity ensued.
  • Found halfling upstairs, likely taken hostage by the shapeshifter, who then assumed his identity.
  • Hafling Guided Heroes to encampment.
  • ! But on the way goblins camp and goblins encountered (fireworks)
    Then went to goblin camp. Giant orc fight ensued.
  • Undead skeletons around. Goblins likely abandoned is terror.
  • Found chest with Fan and map on it.
  • Made Camp
  • The found map had 3 locations, 1 – burned ship ; 2 – cave – 3 ; intact boat
  • Trail of skeletal feet was Heroes clue to follow.
  • Heroes Went to cave to find skeletons
  • Wakizashi (‘Whispering Shrike’) found and secret letter in the handle portion as well. It was a Father to Son note – partial family truth revealed (looking for warding box – in Coltens Care ~ bottom of Castle. 3 gates under Brinewall Castle. Rokuro Kaijitsu. who appeared at the end (sweet!). Ameiko’s father never got the letter, BUT the Heroes gave it to them – it was awesome.
  • Didn’t find the first ship, but found the second. Killed the skeletons within. Xitamu (pic) was the guy who was guarding the letter.
  • Went back to sand point. All happy, letter given. Family mystery excitement. Caravan made! yay! adventure! to the North (‘Immigrant Song’ – Soundtrack!

Caravan Time:

  • Galdaria was first stop (side of lake – mage school was there (not K’s thing) Caleb stole a harp. Then we took off.
  • Wolfs ear – sold the harp. Picked up provisions. Went through fight. Find skeletons fighting orgres.
  • Roderick’s Cove is where we reALLY sold the harp. Kaltharnus really wanted to go to riddle port, but to risky,
  • Stopped in Rodericks cove, last upgrades and purchases made here.
  • Last and longest leg of trip was by the stoney mountains and Brinewall.
  • ! Kidnapped by shadowy people – to be sacrificed to a demon.!
  • One of the cages had MR, but when open Eoria was able to cast spell to help us escape.
  • Nasty deamon was chasing us, very scary. Fought the shadow deamon with light. Found out shadow deamons don’t like light.

Then returned to camp. Had new comrade NPC, Eoria, the truthful and he could help us , and we could lead him home. He has blue skin and white hair. Crazy. He wears a blindfold.


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