The Jade Regent

The Storm Tower

The journey through the frozen North was an arduous and pensive one. The days grew shorter until the sky was swathed in a ceaseless night. And the night meant cold.

Changes amongst the caravan crew took place too and their interactions grew short with sudden snaps and outbursts of anger. Watches grew harder save for the magics that kept the crew wreathed in a mild warmth. The chill still persisted and appendages were never safe lest tucked deeply into garments or roasted on what meagre fires could be thrown together.

Ahead, ahead. Always the tower loomed. The dark clouds swirled around it ominously and a blue light at it’s pinnacle cracked the dark sky.

It’s base was shrouded with the frozen dead. The party approached with caution as cold, dead hands broke the ice beneath them and clawed to its surface. For once they navigated a challenge successfully and found themselves at the foot of a dark mire that spanned the base of the Storm Tower. The black sludge that trickled beneath the walkway had a sickly sweet smell and meant no good for anyone who touched it.

The party fended off the strange, vile, four armed assailants that rose from the mirk, though few fell prone to the black sludge. Yet the part entered the tower relatively unscathed.

There was an aura of intense magic that seeped through every stone. This magic is what must have drawn the strange fae plant creature to make this floor its domain. It attacked and attempted to swallow Mug prone. Again it’s attempts were futile against the strength of the party.


Next came the operation of the lift, which Kaltharnus had no trouble doing with his arcane knowledge.

The second floor proved a little more challenging. A remorhaz lingered as a guard. It’s scaled plates etched with the symbol of Sithuud. Clearly the beast had made some sort of pact with the demon lord. An intense battle ensued though one that left the party much battered than the previous level.


After the fight a magical room was discovered. One filled with wondrous and unknown machines. Their splendour shone through crystals and arcs of energy that traced their way along the wall. Small crystalline creatures scurried about the floor tending to the arcane machine. Their peace interrupted as Caleb took the butt of his pistol and shattered a large blue crystal near the entrance to the room. The room immediatley turned red and a loud thrumming noise commenced. The crystalline creatures took offence and gave chase to Caleb, who the party (all but Mug) left to fend for his own amoral actions.

Slaying a Dragon
White Dragon


The dragon put up a mighty battle. It was a great achievement for the party. They had never faced such a famed foe they had yet only heard of in stories and ancient tales. Only heroes slayed dragons, and here they face one toe to toe.

The battle was not easy. There was much the party did not anticipate fighting a dragon. It burrowed through the ice, erupting from the glacial cavern, above and below, snapping at the mortal flesh with it’s dagger toothed maw.

The dragon could fly, swift as the wind, it’s powerful wings beating the air ferociously. This was not a standstill battle.

More than once, Vesundvaag, the frozen dragon of the North unleashed its chill breath upon the chilled heroes.

But the battle was fought hard and it was won – bit by bit. Though, ultimately Vesundvaag was vanquished through arcane means. A particle thin ray blasted from the finger of Kaltharnus, disintegrating the massive beast. The following silence was eerie and the crackle of powerful magical residue was thick in the air. When had Kaltharnus gained such powerful magic?

Either way, the beast was slain and loot was left for plunder as the party plunged into the dragon’s horde.

A feast was thrown for the party – a mighty celebration back at Iqualiat. Though not all was sunshine and rainbows. Chief Nalvanaq and Hearthmistress Sonovut revealed to the Amatatsu Scions the learning of the village elders, as they had studied the vile pictograms in Tunuak’s bore.

What was revealed was that the Morozko storms were growing larger. They were seemingly controlled by a dark winged woman, whom they believed was in an ancient spire near the very crown of the world called the Storm Tower. These storms were undoubtedly releated to the Nascent Demon Lord Sithuud, who in his time reigned in his time by controlling the frozen dead.

There would be no way North, not without passing through the Storm Tower – This seemed clearly the origin of these storms. The pictograms also gleamed that the storms also ambitiously would grow large enough to one day engulf the whole word.

If the party would prevail, they must stop this dark winged woman – they must save the world from the powers of the Demon Lord Sithuud and kill the power of the hungry storms.


  • 1x Lesser Dragon Slaying Arrow
  • +2 Shortsword
  • Potion of Protection from Arrows
  • Ring of Feather Falling
  • Horse Terra-Cotta Talisman
  • Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (15 Charges)
  • Masterwork Light Steel Shield
  • Masterwork Cold Iron Spiked Gauntlet
  • Masterwork Composite Shortbow (+2 Strength)
  • Masterwork Spear
  • Climber’s Kit
  • 200 ft. Silk Rope
  • Giant piece of Amber (100g)
  • 3x Bloodstones (50g ea.)
  • Blue Sapphire (500g)
  • A Leather Quiver adorned with wolf’s fur and Snowcaster Elf designs (500g)
  • Various other gold, platinum, silver and copper
(Enter) The White Dragon's Lair
Shimmering Glory or Frozen Death

While in the village, the party comes to realize that the white dragon in the area presents a large problem for the village.

Around the village:
Pictograms on pillars are seen:
- Black stone rises from hills
- Towers glowing with pale blue light
- Single tower rises over lake
- Spiralling swarm devouring villages
- Blue skinned woman, grasps claw symbol

The village asks the party to help deal with the White Dragon in the area
The Party camps with the village and they give us provisions (bears claws Magical items) and gifts before we leave to attack the dragon!

- The party enters the deep and enormous cavernous area of the dragons lair. The regions are distant, and must be traversed by long ropes or by means of magics.

- The fight begins, and the party has engaged the dragon. Continued into next session.

From our Oct 20th Session (Cool Title Needed)

- Crossed the Terraska river
- Following the general trade route – path of agenhei
- Iqualit Town is visited (after we run away from sounds of a White Dragon)
- We push for two days and go from tired, to exhausted.

- Sunovit the hearth mistress

- Tunuac the shaman of the village tells us of cautious tales.
- Things are tense and we’ll have to leave the village soon likely

- Tunuac stole our SEAL!!!
- Luctac is the newer shaman possibly. Needs a spirit journey

- Party finds the rogue shaman at his altar, and fights him to the death.

- Party returns to Village to recouperate and explain the situation.

3 finger symbol on each item of sithid

Fire in the Snow
  • The party finally packs and prepares the caravan and begins the journey North
  • They cross through a mountain pass called Urjuk, or in their tongue, the Giant Downs
  • They are greeted by a booming voice that demands they not stray from the path lest they be thwarted by the spirits of the giants – the party complies
  • Once they cross into the Hasanaliat – The Marshlands where trappers and traders often dwell – the party encounters a hut, alive with the sound of cheer an music.
  • Chilled to the bone and looking for a good rest, the party enters the hut and they are greeted by a trader and offered to stay
  • Some members feel it would be prudent not to leave the Caravan unguarded and decide to weather out the cold
  • In the midst of the meal, the lights go out and all cheer disappears from the hut. The trader that greeted the party transforms into the visage of a burning hag, wreathed in green flame
  • She attacks hurling green fire at Mug and Kaltharnus – the flame burns and eats at Mugs skin leaving him badly scarred.
  • The party finally thwarts the Witchfire driving her back to the hell she came from ut is not left unscathed
  • Beneath the boards of the burned cabin, the find a +1 Adamantine Light Mace
Burning Steps in a Frozen Land

With Ravenscrag behind them, the Amatatsu Scions began preparation for their journey to the frozen North.

The people of Kalsgard were eager for trade – The plunder from the ancient Pharasmin Ossuary would make a good haul for those who knew where to sell them.

Stalking the hard stone cobbles of the industrious Ice Quarter, Caleb, who was followed by his companions, sought the stores who would provide the best sells. With his dark, slick tongue he could talk the most stalwart vendor into a better sell.

“Caleb Clay!” The voice echoed from ahead.

“I hereby proclaim you a traitor to the noble country of Cheliax.”

A wary cloud parted and ahead, Caleb could see a man – a Hellknight – clad from head to toe in nightmare black plate armour"

Mug clutched the hilt of his sword without hesitation and Takeo postured himself with a steady wariness.

“You two,” the Hellknight pointed at Caleb’s companions , “Cheliax has no problem with you. Step aside and all will be forgotten. It is Caleb who has caused offense. Do not make this worse for yourselves.” He spoke with an air of sympathy.

“Caleb! Put down your arms, and step forward,” A bright red, glowing ring was produced that shone with the fires of hell. It’s splendour cast a fear across Calebs face, and Caleb felt himself drawn forward, towards the man.

Immediately Caleb’s spirit-pistol manifested itself, clutched tightly in his fist and fired at the Hellknight tearing a hole through his armour. The force knocked him back and the power of the ring faded, releasing Caleb.

“Your persistent defection is not unnoticed!” rang a deep, unearthly voice from within the Hellknights helm. His hand jolts sideways and two red, writhing demons appear to either side of Caleb.

Caleb’s mind races – He knows he cannot defeat these demons alone. Then in an instant, his friends are there. Friends, of a sort – the best he has at this moment. Mug blasts one demon into oblivion, using a cherished Arrow of Evil Outside Bane, while Takeo moves, drawing the flaming Suishen to battle the next.

The ferocity of the battle that ensued caused a panic in the crowd. Not even Kalsgards guards came near, they knew this was diplomatic business and not to be involved.

However the trio was able to push the Hellknight back and slay his Demons.

The Hellknight, sliding backwards in his heavy plate activates his hellish ring. “I’ll be back for you Caleb Clay – And you TWO! This will not be forgotten” looking at Mug and Takeo, a fortex swirls around the man, enveloping him.

The dead can dance?

In the week following the overtaking of RavensCrag, party collects its strength in Kalsgard, and prepares for the expedition ahead over the crown of the world and beyond.
Christina approaches the group with an look and earnestness that had not been seen previously. She explains that a local religious order of Pharasma is requesting the party assist them with a problem they have encountered in their ostiary.

In an act most vile, bodies have gone missing from this noble order serving death. The bodies are treated preciously and with reverence, and have nothing to do necromancy or darker arts.

Velrentai Nerisia , spiritual leader of the temple of the goddess Pharasma, explains to the party how disturbing these acts are. Gold and riches will be part of the expected payment (@ GM – I forgot how much exactly, was it 2000 gold?), with the party allowed to keep MOST of what they find. SOME of the artifacts and precious religious items for Pharasma have significant importance, and these items will be desirably paid for if the party brings them to the surface, for 50 gp each item.

An important item is given to the party, a special chime that opens special locked doors. More importantly, these doors can only be opened by this special chime’s activation. With caution the team is notified that the chime has only 7 charges, and must be used wisely. The door to the surface world is only opened using the chime, so at least one charge must be saved in order to escape the ostiary to the world of the living.

The team opened the crypts and entered without fanfare; ultimately descending further down the spiral staircase, some much more majestically and with greater fanfare than others; all of it good.

In moments however, in a a long hallway with secretive alcoved areas, spiders attack menacingly. Fortunately, nobody is critically wounded from the encounter. Corpses are investigated and yield nothing.

In the ensuing hallway, the team encounters these fucked up nasty looking winged skulls with tentacle teeth which is crazy fucked up and weird looking. Their scream attacks were debilitating, but fortunately the team is able to carry on.

In the room to follow the team is waylaid by 2 Darkstalkers. One is killed in a fiery death, and the other surrenders. Our captive will wished he was killed after the mistreatment to follow.

Later, an interesting teleportation room is discovered. In rapt fascination the Wizard Kaltharnus ultimately discovers the room to be a teleporting device. In the end however, the room proves mundane at this time, since the teleportation only transports to the room across the hallway :/…or does it?!

As the group neared the end of this session, the team entered a room with reflective curved walls marked with sigils and outlines. In continued fascination the wizard went and touched the walls to investigate further. Uh oh ensures as the team discovers entities emerging from the depths. Combat ensues again, full on party mode.

- Other shit that happened: Scott and Monique showed up for a while. A wee bit of downtime stuff discussed. Kaltharnus and GM discussed things of an intimate nature in the bedroom (secrets…).

Ravenscraeg Rampage

The party returns from Ravenscraeg exhausted from the fight with the strange goblin-esque spellcaster.

Christina is talking with Caleb, who has returned, and is now dressed in Tien style black robes. He does not explain where he has been but seems keen to reunite with the party and be of service. “We are still….aligned…” He smirks.

It is explained that Takeo has become a Scion. Caleb touches Suishen briefly to introduce himself to the sword and gain the knowledge of the Oni. He withdraws his hand quickly and does not ponder the sword any further. The party rest and recover.

There is an absence of bird song when they wake up and take the winding journey back to Ravenscrag. The castle is eerily silent as the descend back into the dungeon, searching for Ulf Gormundr. They find their way along the dark corridor at the bottom of the dungeon to find two jade doors emblazoned with dragons.

Mug puts his sword on the ground and it skitters away. He calls an oath but ignores the sword choosing to retrieve it later. He claps his hands, starts murmuring. He rubs magic warpaint on his hands and face, the orc now looks larger and more menacing somehow.

Two bronze warrior statues lie on either side of the dragon doors. Kaltharnus detects faint magic on the statues. As he raises his hands to complete the spell one of the statues attacks. It brutally wounds him with a swing of its stone sword and the wizard backs away. Battle commences but the things seem impervious to physical harm and Mug damages his weapon attempting to hit one.

The party retreats up the stairs. They realize that Kaltharnus is the only one who doesn’t have a Jade Raven Statue, so that must be why the living monoliths are attacking him.

They reach the wooden bridge over the small river running under the rock floor. Takeo trips and falls into the water, the statutes walk over him but he is unharmed. Mug attempts to jump over but miscalculates and falls in too right on top of Takeo. Caleb walks over and murmurs “…stop messing around..” and disappears leaving a Raven Statue behind him. Mug gets up and runs with the statue back upstairs to give it to Kaltharnus.

Caleb slips back down to the basement and slides the dragon doors open a sliver to see what is inside. A woman in white sits on a chair in the centre of the room, smirks at Caleb, he smirks back. This must be Thorborg Silverscore.

Caleb walks in the room arrogantly, trying to bluff and intimidate her. She responds by turning into a monstrous form and shooting two fire arrows into him. He is suddenly surrounded by ninja and taken by complete surprise. The Chelaxian has no response and is quickly defeated.

She says “Submit!”, Caleb pauses briefly and a light within him dies. He replies “I submit. She fires a final arrow into his head. He uses the sheer force of will not to return to the darkness waiting for him and his healing abilities pull him slowly back from the abyss.

Kaltharnus leads the statues back into the main hall and finally evade them by receiving a Jade Statue from Mug.

The Party reforms at the dragon doors in the basement. Mug opens the door, Takeo moves in behind him and Kaltharnus takes up the rear. The large room is empty initially with just a slight trail of what the party assumes is Caleb’s blood. The Inquisitor is nowhere to be found.

As they all enter and the last foot has crossed the threshold they are ambushed. “Get em boys!” the demonic Thorborg Silverscore shouts and a burst of frost cripples the men before they can begin to fight. She is flying twenty feet off the ground near the center of the room.

The party rally themselves while more ninjas appear from the shadows. They alight silently on the ground near the party only to be shocked and intimidated by Mug’s dominating war-paint and savage battle-cries.

A trail of blood leads behind a black lattice screen. Kaltharnus advances towards it and casts web on the ceiling of the room. Mug and Takeo dispatch a few of the ninjas with powerful blows from Suishen and Mug’s barbarian blade.

The Oni curses at Takeo for wielding Suishen and the sword burns brighter in the Samurai’ deft hands. For a second she seems worried and casts sleep on him and Mug. The fighters are too powerful for the magic to take hold and they fight on.

“I don’t like your arrogance Samurai…”. Thorborg Silverscore fires two arrows at Takeo from the webs.

“Fools, I alone control the Frozen shadows and the Rime Runners Guild!” She bellows at them. Combat with the ninjas continues while she flies above with a bow drawn. “Even the linnorm kings must bow to the will of my masters!” she boasts.

Takeo casts enlarge person and crouches behind the web reading a blow with his long staff. The Oni responds by flying up further to the roof mocking him with a cackle. Everything the party tries is immediately countered and every blow struck seems to heal quickly. The situation seems bleak.

Still looking for the missing Inquisitor, Kaltharnus opens up a hidden door in the south west of the room. The party tactically retreat into the small opening to get some shelter from the deadly fire arrows. Unfortunately something else appears to be deeper in the passage waiting for them. Kaltharnus hears a familiar low guttural growl. They are trapped.

The Oni re-appears and clubs takeo in the face. His Samurai will is the only thing that keeps him on his feet. In response Mug quick draws his black composite bow and looses an arrow of evil outsider bane. It buries itself angrily into the foes chest with a burst of black smoke. Thorborg seems about to collapse, but a reserve of fortitude the party has never witnessed before allows the creature to drag the arrow out. The wound knits and heals over depressingly quickly.

Kaltharnus, now desperate, advances away from the small secret room and retreats back towards the entrance to the dungeon. Fire leaps from his hands as he tries to provide cover and immolate the webbing dragging around the Oni’s feet.

The creature seems uninterested in the wizard and concentrates on the severely wounded Takeo. “Where is your will now Samurai?” she mocks and pounds Takeo again in the head with the giant club. He falls to the ground.

Mug fires arrow after arrow in desperation, raging silently now. A stern look of determination and single-minded bloodlust combined. The Oni is just too strong for him alone. She turns towards Mug and hits him with the club, as Takeo, his body broken, can only look on. The mighty Orc falls from terrible blow to the chest. His tattooed runes fade.

Kaltharnus backs away down the corridor, and tries in vain to summon more magic, or find the right scroll to reverse this debacle. Unable to help his friends and unsure what else to do he starts backing towards the main corridor.

Takeo sits up, spits out blood and teeth and issues a final death-rattle challenge at the Oni, his one last act of honor. He takes a final gulp from his Sake bottle. The club head finds his broken body before he can finish and he slips into unconsciousness.

Kaltharnus flees back up the stairs to the main rooms and then down the cliff side. All the while The Oni’s unearthly cackling echoes behind him in the dark. He stumbles back to camp and wakes Christina and Ameiko explaining hurriedly what happened. They ride off back to Kalsguard for help.

Takeo, Mug and Caleb awake in a cell with their hands chained to posts. A body of a stranger lies nearby.

Thorborg Silverscore is in the room with them. “For every day I wait for reinforcements, one of you will die.” “Now…..where is Ameiko?” The party say nothing, she smirks and leaves them alone in the cell.

Three odd little creatures about three foot tall emerge from a small pool at the other end of the room. They croak a little “mep…mep” sound when startled and emit a blinding light from their eyes.

Caleb breaks his bonds using his inquisition powers and Takeo brakes his through using Samurai technique. They work on freeing Mug too while the weird halfling creatures try to blind them.

The stranger awakes and reveals himself as Ulf Gormundr. He agrees to take them across the spine of the world in return for getting him out of this dungeon.

They manage to free Mug but the powerful Oni comes back into the room with a massive winter wolf. This was the growling, snarling beast they had heard during the battle.

Despite the wolfs terrible stare and Thorborg Silverscores warnings the Inquisitor starts casting a spell. The winter wolf’s response is instant and its ferocious frost breath kills Takeo and puts Mug down again. Caleb is still barely alive as the sounds of fighting echo down the hallway and the Oni leaves the room to investigate. The Inquisitor looks over at Takeo and watches dumbly as the samurai’s eyes fade and his soul leaves the world of men.

Kaltharnus has brought back the Kalsguard watchmen using evidence from Lute Hagersly and the notes about the forged orders from the Rimerunners guild. The guards kill the Oni and free Caleb and Mug. Christina rushes into the cell and quickly performs a ritual to preserve Takeo’s body.

With the Oni dead and Ravenscrag fully cleared, the party and the guards take the loot back to camp. Kaltharnus insists on rewarding the guards with a silver bar each for their help.


Hero Points:
Caleb: +2 (Bonus for the in-depth write up)
Kaltharnus: +1
Mug: +1
Takeo: +1

Swords & Sorcery
...or, "That time Mug became the chew toy in a zombie mosh pit!"
  • The party starts at their camp below Ravenscaeg, as usual.
  • As they’re getting ready to return to Ravenscraeg, Caleb reveals the shocking news that he is leaving on some kind of task… perhaps to get help? He rides away in a cloud of smoke before the party can get any real answers.
  • There is some debate as to whether or not to pursue him, but Ameiko convinces the part that they must press on and return to Ravenscraeg.
  • Once again they climb the great and perilous stairs to the entrance of the mountain fortress. Upon entering the main hallway, for once things are strangely quiet and the party is able to proceed to the lower levels unhindered.
  • Kaltharnus senses magic in the rooms above them, but the party decides to finish exploring below, and Kaltharnus reluctantly agrees for once.
  • Rather than leave an unexplored room and potential enemies at their backs, the party is determined to finally access the locked door, beyond the dark pool. Though prepared to break it down if necessary, Takeo discovers the key to the door within a small barrel of sake that sits next to the doorway. Mug helps himself to some of the sake and Takeo stores some for later enjoyment. Kaltharnus & Ameiko hang back, on the other side of the pool, guarding their backs.
  • Using the key to enter the room, Takeo and Mug find a small, cramped room with a well at it’s center, but otherwise seemingly empty. As they begin to explore further though, two hideous fungus beasts drop from the ceiling, one of which attaches itself to Mug’s face!
  • Takeo engages the second creature, whilst mug struggles to free himself from the first. Finally succeeding, mug dives into the water to get the creatures filth off his body.
  • Hearing their struggles, Kaltharnus and Ameiko come to investigate the disturbance. They can see that Mug & takeo are in trouble, but in the commotion are unable to discern exactly what is going on. None-the-less, Kaltharnus reluctantly wades into the dark pool to assist, whilst Ameiko inspires them with a song.
  • Before Kaltharnus is able to offer any assistance however, Takeo and Mug have already slain the vile fungus beasts, and are attempting to clean their filth from the blades & bodies.
  • Returning to small room to investigate undisturbed, Kaltharnus still senses a magical presence, but it is coming from the well. Cautiously peering into the darkness, he spots something glimmering, lodged in the wall of the well. Using his magic he is able to pull it free and lift it from the depth of the well. Ax it rises from the darkness it becomes clear that it is a sword of great craftsmanship!
  • As it lands in his hands, Kaltharnus is overcome by a strange feeling; He hears faint whispers within at the edge of hearing, but only within his own mind. Gradually the whispers coalesce into a single voice – The voice of the sword… The voice of Suishen
  • Speaking with Suishen briefly, and realizing that they had found one of the items they sought, Kaltharnus suggests retreating to the dojo, where they can converse in slightly more comfortable conditions. Upon arriving he requests that the entire party place their hand upon the magical blade. Though some do so reluctantly, they follow his request. They all begin to hear the same whispers within their minds… That is, except for Takeo, who is overcome with a most unpleasant headache and is forced to step away!
  • To the Scions though, Suishen speaks, revealing it’s true nature. The party tells their tale to the sword. Suishen then tells them that it is it’s destiny to be reunited with Ameiko’s great house, and that it will assist the Scions in restoring Ameiko to her rightful place as Empress of Tien. It will also grant it’s bearer great power, which will grow over time.
  • However, none of the Scions are skilled in the wielding of a sword such as Suishen, so it is decided that Ameiko will bear the sword for the moment, as it is her family’s blade.
  • Kaltharnus then mentions that perhaps it is time to explain the party’s true nature & mission to Takeo, who has proven himself to be nothing other than an honorable soul and comrade. It is agreed that not only will the party do this, but Takeo is to be made a Scion, as they are.
  • Upon hearing the party’s tale, and more importantly the fact that Ameiko is the true Empress of Tien, Takeo falls to his knees and begs forgiveness for not showing proper respect. However, Ameiko bids him rise and request he joins them as a Scion of Amatatsu. Takeo agrees to take on this role and also to protect Ameiko with his life.
  • Before the ceremony can begin, Kaltharnus wards the area, in the hopes that opening the warding box will not reveal them again to the Five Storms.
  • Ameiko takes out the Amatatsu seal from within the warding box and asks Takeo to place his hand upon it. Ameiko then speaks the words to make Takeo a Scion, at which point he is struck by the vision of the Emperor struck down by his own man, who takes his place on the throne as The Jade Regent!
  • Once recovered from the visions, Takeo stands – Now a Scion of Amatatsu, and truly a member of the party. Since she cannot wield it well, Ameiko also blesses him with the honour of wielding Suishen. Takeo draws it from its sheath to inspect his new blade, and as he does so the blade bursts into flame; This sword will serve him well in service of the true Empress!
  • The ceremony now complete, the party decides that it is long past time to press onwards further into the bowels of the keep. They return to the passage behind the hidden door, past the room from which the cursed, undead hand attacked them, and cautiously down the stairs to the next level.
  • Approaching the first corner, the Takeo hears strange shuffling and scraping sounds from around the corner, and alerts the party to be quiet. He stealthily tries to slip around the corner, but his many weapons clash against his armour and he rounds the corner to a group of zombies who are VERY aware to his presence. None-the-less, he prepares to engage them in the narrow corridor as they begin to shamble towards him.
  • Kalthrnus suggests a retreat, so as to avoid combat once more in such a narrow space. However, Mug pays no heed as he is eager to attack his enemies, and attempts to leap past both Takeo and the first ranks of the zombies. Unfortunately, his over-zealousness gets the better of him, and he crashes to the ground in a twist of his own limbs, surrounded by hungry zombies on all sides! They immediately begin to claw, gnash and bite at him as he tries to wildly defend himself from his vulnerable position on the ground.
  • Unsure what best to do, Kaltharnus tries to restrain the zombies by casting a magical web to bind them. His plan is mostly successful, but unfortunately Mug is also caught within the spell and tangled within the web. However, the zombies attack on Mug is at least temporarily thwarted, until they can break free.
  • As Takeo begins to attack the entangled zombies with his flaming blade, a large and mysterious figure appears from around the corner, at the other end of the hall. It appears to be some awful hybrid of orc and troll. It also appear to be a user of magic, as it begins to chant and cast a spell, hurling beams of acidic spray at both Takeo and Kaltharnus.
  • Wounded Takeo fights on, burning the zombies to ash within their bindings with his blade. Kaltharnus however is wounded and retreats back around the corner to recover.
  • At this point, Mug tears free of the webbing and begins to attack the zombies with unrelenting fury, cutting off limbs which twitch and flail upon the ground, as if still alive.
  • The caster attacks again however, but this time smashing his fist into the ground, causing the area of floor beneath Mug, Takeo and the zombies to drop 60 feet, forming a dark pit of blood and rot. Unhurt though, Mug & Takeo fight on, gradually thinning the zombie herd.
  • Having regained his breath and healed some of his injuries, Kaltharnus steps back around the corner to confront the other magic user. But this time, Kaltharnus does not appear to stand alone – Now there are 5 of him! 4 mirror copies stand around him, his true form indiscernible from them. The monstrous spell caster attacks again, but succeeds only in destroying 2 of the illusions. Kaltharnus unleashes an arc of searing fire against his opponent, wounding him and causing him to retreat from sight, into the shadows.
  • While Kaltharnus waits, starring across the cavern to where his enemy retreated and unsure how to now reach him, Ameiko leaps into the magical pit, sliding down the walls to the bottom. With her help, Mug & Takeo finish off the last of the zombies. Takeo prepares his bow and aims upwards, to where he last saw the green-skinned magic user, prepared to fire should he return. At that moment though, the pit spell’s magic is exhausted and the floor rises back to the hallway above.
  • As this happens, their enemy steps back from around the corner, only to be greeted by Takeo rising out of the ground before him, with bow drawn and ready; He lets his arrow fly, and it strikes true in abominations chest, driving him back down the hallway. Mug is not about to miss this opportunity though, and leaps past Takeo to attack. He lands furious blows upon the magic user, who through it all is still able to cast his devilish magics, spraying Mug with acid! In his rage though, the orc is undeterred.
  • Kaltharnus, though his magics are almost depleted, joins the attack and through sheer force of will summons enough power to strike out with an arc of flame once more, searing the accursed magic user in bright and burning agony! …Right as Mug brings his blade down once more, and cleaves the wretched fow into two smoldering halves!!
  • Weary but victorious, the party begins to search through the magic users belongings, and the surrounding rooms. They find some items of value on the body of their slain foe, and some minor trinkets in an unlocked storage closet.
  • However, there is also a locked room which draws their interest. Thinking they are now safe from attack and rather than wasting magics, the party decides to take their time and simply smash the door down. As they rain down blows upon it though, they trigger a trap, and burning oil falls from the sealing, scorching their skin and burning their clothes. Though it leaves some of them quite badly wounded, they all still stand and will perhaps be more cautious the next time they’re trying to break into a locked room!
  • The door to the room now stands shattered, and no longer bars their entry to the room. Inside they find what is surely a treasure room, filled with gold, silver and gems! Too much to carry in a single trip, but perhaps once they have secured the rest of Ravenscraeg, they can take the time to transport this great bounty back to their camp, and then onwards to the caravan…

Items found on orc/troll caster"

  • 1 x yellow potion
  • 1 x grenade thing
  • 1 x scroll
  • 1 x wand
  • 1 x masterwork crossbow
  • 1 x masterwork heavy pick

Items found in the minor store room:

  • 3 x Corvosan wine (20gp each)
  • 1 x spices (40gp)

Items found in the treasure room:

  • 1 x +1 bastard sword
  • 3 x chests of great value, containing gold ‘n’ stuff (50lbs each, no value given)
  • 5 x chests (10lbs each), each containing 20 x gold trade bars (5gp each)
  • 20 x silver bars (50gp each)
  • 23 x gilded horns (15gp each)
  • 1 x orox drinking horn (135gp)
  • 850gp
  • 1979sp
  • 3000cp
  • 1 x sack of adventuring gear (possibly Ulf Gormundir’s)

Suishen Reveals The Ecology of the Oni – Telling you more about the foes who are tracking you down.

Hero Points
Caleb: +1
Kaltharnus: +2 (Bonus for the good writeup!)
Mug: +1
Takeo: +1

Ravenscrag Dungeon Dojo Ninja Nightmare
  • The party are in theRavenscraeg Dungeon gathered inside the training room/dojo.
  • The sound of soft footprints echo around the wooden flooring of this main room. Glimpses of a shadowy humanoid figure flicker and flash through the light of the brazier.
  • Everyone but Caleb and Ameiko are deaf and this only increases their alarm against the mysterious foe.
  • Out of the shadows is heard “Ravenscraeg will be your Tomb!” and a female ninja appears up in the rafters.
  • Flaming Shurikans fly from her blurring shifting form and whine through the air towards the party with a sickening shriek.
  • Kalthanus and Mug are poisoned by her attacks and the party fights defensively trying to surround her.
  • Caleb and the ninja woman shout a few taunts back and forth, he manages to shake her with his displays of dark ninja trickery. She seems determined to kill him first as a result.
  • After exchanging blows, the deadly ninja’s form breaks into multiple copies of itself. The party cannot tell which is which.
  • Caleb tries to create water around their feet, reasoning that only the real ninja will have footprints and the rest are illusion.
  • The water ploy fails and as a result they have to disperse the clones one by one, wasting time and their already limited powers.
  • The team manage to damage her badly enough to drive her away and she vanishes before they can finish her off.
  • They search the adjoining rooms of the dojo, and find a shrine to Yamatsumi (Tian-Min god of winter, mountains, and volcanoes. His holy symbol is an erupting, snow-capped volcano)
  • Kalthanus succumbs to his poision and collapses, Caleb helps to heal the wizard at the last minute.
  • Caleb finds a forged letter from Svienn Bloodeagle. It gives a man named Omoyani authority over Huskarls in Kalsguard.
  • Kalthanus is weakend but still inquisitive to a fault. After detecting magic somewhere ahead of himself he finds a secret passage, opens a door and is attacked by a giant undead hand.
  • Kalthanus falls again and Takeo drags him out of the passageway while Mug bars the hand from the rest of the team by closing doors in its path.
  • The hand breaks through the two wooden doors quickly but is vanquished as it enters the dojo room.
  • The party retreat back to camp rather than risk going any further while weakened.
    *+Hero Points+

    Caleb: +2 (Thanks for the punctuality on the writeup, bonus hero point – hopefully it creates a good trend ;))
    Kaltharnus: +1
    Mug: +1
    Takeo: +1

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