Map of Brinewall

Town Stats

Neutral Thorp

  • Corruption: -4
    • A settlement’s corruption modifies all Bluff checks made against city officials or guards and all Stealth checks made outside (but not inside buildings or underground).
  • Crime: -4
    • The atmosphere generated by a settlement’s crime level applies as a modifier on Sense Motive checks to avoid being bluffed and to Sleight of Hand checks made to pick pockets.
  • Economy: -7
    • A settlement’s economy helps its citizens make money, and thus it applies as a modifier on all Craft, Perform, and Profession checks made to generate income.
  • Law: -4
    • A settlement’s law modifier applies on Intimidate checks made to force an opponent to act friendly, Diplomacy checks against government officials, or Diplomacy checks made to call on the city guard (see sidebar).
  • Lore: -4
    • A settlement’s lore modifier applies on Diplomacy checks made to gather information and Knowledge checks made using the city’s resources to do research when using a library.
  • Society: 0
    • A settlement’s society modifier applies on all Disguise checks, as well as on Diplomacy checks made to alter the attitude of any non-government official.

Danger: -10
A settlement’s danger value is a number that gives a general idea of how dangerous it is to live in the settlement. If you use wandering monster chart that uses percentile dice and ranks its encounters from lowest Cr to highest CR, use the modifier associated with the settlement’s danger value to adjust rolls on the encounter chart. A settlement’s base danger value depends on its type

Table of Encounters-

Qualities: Strategic Location

Disadvantages: Cursed

Government: Council (Scions of Amatatsu)
Population: 2

Notable NPC’s

Greggor the Guard
Grumkin the Guard


Base Value: 55gp; Purchase Limit: 500gp; Spellcasting: NONE;
Minor Items: NONE; Medium Items: NONE; Major Items: NONE;

Rebuilding Brinewall

Goods, Influence, Labor. Magic abbr. G-I-L-M

Damaged Locations

  • Lighthouse
  • Docks
    • Dock – 4G 1I 3L; 10 Days
    • Office – 1G 1L; 4 Days
  • Bridge – 2G 1I 2L; 3 Days
  • Tavern
    • Bar – 3G 1I 3L; 8 Days
    • Kitchen – 2G 2L; 6 Days
    • Common Room – 4G 4L; 8 Days
    • Lodging – 5G 1I 7L; 8 Days
  • Warehouse
  • Kaijitsu Glassworks
  • Leatherworker
  • Blacksmith
  • Temple of Desna
    • Sanctum – 1G 1I 1L 1M; 3 Days
    • Statue – 1G 1L; 1 Day
    • Lodging – 5G 1I 7L; 8 Days
    • Ceremonial Room – 8G 1I 7L 3M; 20 Days
    • Classroom – 3G 1I 3L; 7 Days
  • Guard Post
  • Graveyard
  • Stables
  • Residences
    • Residence A
    • Residence B
    • Residence C
    • Residence D
    • Residence E
    • Residence F
    • Residence G

Repaired Locations


Construction on Brinewall Castle began in 4442 AR, but quickly ran into troubles. It was plagued by funding problems and building delays, and was not completed until 4469 AR. The militia who patrolled Brinewall defended their keep remarkably until a still-unexplained occurrence in the mid-4680s. Everyone living and working at Brinewall disappeared without a trace, leaving the buildings themselves untouched. Plenty of blame was passed around, but no trace of the missing was ever found.

Blame has mostly fallen on the Nolander barbarians, who were a constant menace to the settlement. Curiously however, the Nolanders themselves avoid the place, fearing it as cursed.

Update: Brinewall has been reclaimed by the Scions of Amatatsu (Caleb, Krjun, Kaltharnus and Mug), who have decided to attempt to reopen and rebuild the town. They have left two guards from their caravan in charge of the town which needs will still require a lot of effort to rebuild. The town still has a reputation of being cursed and many of the buildings still need repair, but otherwise Brinewall is a completely viable trading port and potentially a good place to build a navy to protect the Brinewall coast.


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