Description: All Caravan info for our group can be found on this page.


Please use the link below to access our collective google doc for our Caravan.

Caravan Stats PageTransfered from paper to a google doc

Collaboration docThis is our older document used for collaboration sessions etc.


Here is the list of items currently in known shared caravan possession. This list does not include items that are currently in PC’s hidden possesions.


1880- 981 (AA note:Sept14 – Melted down weapons and items general for this amount)

*Sat.June 23’s session saw the group pay for Caravan improvements and needs, as well as divide the remainder amongst the group. All non magic and special items were liquidated to share amongst the team (due to a shift in focus away from collecting This division of resources allowed the team to focus on downtime activities. See page updates where needed.


Wand, Bless Weapon (5 Charges) Unknown Needs Appraisal for sale
Remove disease scroll
X 6 Mstr longswords
Ivory bracelet 100 gp
3 pearls 10 gp

Added Feb 10:
Immaculate Intelligent winged helmet +2 AC vs Evil (lesser protection aura 5’ +1 )

Added May 19th (From Swords & Sorcery Adventure Log):
Items found on orc/troll caster"

1 x yellow potion
1 x grenade thing
1 x scroll
1 x wand

Additional Notes

  • Mug is head of security for the chest and it’s protections – has the key.
  • Caleb is responsible for the trading of these goods.
  • Kaltharnus should be able to make pretty accurate appraisals, given his knowledge artifacts & magic items.

Latest update details

Last Updated by AA: Sun. June.23, 2:56 am.

- Added additions to our caravan size.

To Do- – Adrian: Create and update caravan page to google doc for team.

SALES HISTORY (Boring stuff for records)
Everything not vital or magical was sold!
We’re crossing the crown of the world!

GM’s Note: I reviewed the items and such, and will, from time to time, make edits, updates and clarifications and include additional links and descriptions as necessary. I did a few above already!


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