Galduria is a town in central Varisia, located on the western shore of Ember Lake. Generally thought of as a dependent of the city-state of Magnimar, most of the town’s wealth is generated by the trade of grain and lumber across the lake and along the Lampblack River. Its true claim to fame is its arcane college, the Twilight Academy. Recently established, it rivals the larger colleges in Varisia, the Stone of the Seers in Magnimar, and Korvosa’s Acadamae. The college was founded in Galduria specifically to avoid the political pressure and intrigues of those two cities. The Twilight Academy has a reputation for undertaking many experimental and unconventional practices. Nevertheless, locals turn the other cheek to its strange ways in exchange for the money that the college is able to provide for various civic projects.


The Golden Harp Inn

Places of Note
The Twilight Acedmy


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