Capitol City of Southmoor, Southern Lands of the Linnorm Kings

CN Small City
Population 9,500
Ruler: King Opir Eightfingers

The city of Jol is located to the south of the Grungir Forest and is the capital of Southmoor in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. The city is old and built on the ruins of the Thassilonian city of Torandey; it was founded in 1102 AR by King Eskir Honeytongue. Today, it is ruled by Linnorm King Opir Eightfingers.


Winters Respite

Owner: Alice Iceflow
Rate: 5gp/Night

The Wicked Worgen
Known as the finest place to drink and brawl in all of Jol, The Wicked Worgen was established 30 years ago by the former dwarven miner of Kopparberget.

Owner: FIRSTNAME Longbraid
Rate: 5cp/Night

The Brandished Skull



Kill Them All – Weapon Forge

Owner: Grayvus Skullkrusher
For Sale:

Oberon’s Astral Emporium – Magic Shop

Owner: Oberon
For Sale:


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