Mug Downtime

Assuming a 60 day downtime.

36 days in training, fortitude and endurance under the harsh training of local Marshalls in the city. 12hp / 3 days each (cost 2,156gp)

Worked briefly for a few days as a blacksmiths heavy labour helper briefly, attracted to the energies and kinetic forces of the forge. Ultimately, tiring of the routine, he left abruptly, without notice. 5 days [TBD]

Briefly wandered into the red light district, and worked as a bouncer in simple brothels and pubs. barely able to contain his brutal and savage barbarian Orc libido, Mug ultimately wears out his welcome by taking advantage of the brothels ladies and being forced out by an upset ownership. 2 days [TBD]

While Looking for adversity and conflict with relish and voracity, Mug spent 4 days unarmed brawling in disgusting drinking holes and brutal fighting pits of ill repute. [TBD]

Worked in the animal pens. Working in the toughest and most brutal of positions as wild animal controller. Not able to tame wild animals at this time, Mug’s role was to constrain savage beasts, while city wranglers and trainers apply their skills. Fascinated by the energy and power of many of the beasts newly encountered, this ends up begin the longest and most constant period mug is able to focus without enforced marshalling and/or guidance. 7 days [TBD]

3 days spent preparing for arctic travel by exchanging knowledge and techniques with local and foreign hunters and mountain nomads traveling through the city briefly. [TBD]

1 day spent for shopping and winter supplies, and making simple but formidable improvements to his simple items and spiked gauntlet for right hand. [TBD]

*Note: Due to Mug’s wildly tempest like and chaotic nature, he rarely if ever worked consecutive days, doing what he wanted and also what seemed to echo deeper cords within himself and his haunted visions.

Mug Downtime

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