Campaign/World Info

Updated Based on Session: Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Current Year: 4711 AR
Month: Neth(November)
Day: 14th

The Seal of Amatatsu: Usable

Location: Crown of the World

Average Party Level (APL): 8

Goals and Quests:

  • Travel over the Crown of the World into Tian Xia and confront the Amatatsu’s enemies in Minkai
  • Raid the Storm Tower and stop the mysterious Black Winged woman who is controlling the Morozko Storms.

Party Residences/Establishments

Brinewall – NE Varisia, Castle – Township

Campaign Resources

Character Sheets
Spell Cards

Characters – A list of characters who matter in our campaign
Caravan – _ All info for the groups caravan and Gold + Treasure chest

Session Checklist

  • Review last session
    • The party began to mount its attack on Ravenscraeg (they made it up the front stairs).
  • Make sure rent on all properties is tended
    • Next payment on Brinewall due on 15th of Neth

The Jade Regent

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