The Jade Regent

The Stairs of Ravenscrag

Session date: Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
Here is a map of the current situation.


The party advances through the night towards the dark stairway of Ravenscrag. Their bodies are lashed together loosely with a length of rope to help ensure that they do not lose anyone over the side.

At the second landing of the winding staircase the party disentangle themselves from the rope as they begin to detect something awaiting their approach. Iorie stealths up to the third precipice and see a gigantic winged insect with its back turned to him. He retreats back a few steps and his foot causes a tiny “creak” in the boards, he signals the rest of the party of the danger in front. Caleb stealthily closes the distance between himself and the monk ready to assist. Takeo heeds the warning too but as he stops he puts a little too much pressure on the ball of his foot and the weak board of the rope bridge snaps with a very audible crack.

The creature – a Spider Eater, alerted by the noise, launches into the air but finds Caleb‘s star knife waiting for it as it rises up. The multi-pointed blade glows with dark crackling fire and gives off acrid smoke as it buries itself painfully into the insect’s flank and rips out again returning to the Inquisitors hand. Following the trajectory of the projectile back to it’s owner the Spider Eater slams its stinger through the ropes and impales Caleb. The Chelaxian groans as the thing wrestles with him and his face becomes even more ashen than usual. He drops to the floor as it releases its grip and flies a little distance away making a satisfied hiss. He seems dead.

Kalthanus tracks the action and summons a giant spider to counter this large threat. It pops into existence between himself and the giant flying insectoid and does its best to web the thing. Unfortunately it has little effect and the larger spider-eater easily rips apart any webbing. The spider crawls up the wall further up and hisses while Iorie’s arms blur and shurikens strike the head of the Spider-eater, one of which buries itself in a cluster of eyes.

Mug throws his hunting spear into the side of the Spider-eater successfully wounding it and allowing him to drag it closer. Unfortunately it uses his lack of balance to counter-attack and stab at him with its deadly stinger. A similar fate to the Inquisitor seems about to befall the Ork, yet as the stinger does penetrate his skin it doesn’t have any further effect and the Ork flies into a rage.

Kalthanus is bracketing the Ork and the monster and solemnly concentrates the magical energies coursing through him into a powerful burst of flame that lashes against the creature momentarily distracting it. Takeo bravely rushes in to take advantage of the surprise and smites its wing as it lets out a baleful squealing sound.

With his hunting spear still impaled into the creature Mug launches himself off the platform at it. In a massive leap, he draws his punching dagger in an arc. As he connects with the beast in mid air with the dagger, driving it home again and again into the things face, with the other hand he wraps the rope over and under its massive wings and drives them both down onto the first platform below them.

Kalthanus watches the Ork and says a silent thankful prayer that they were not roped together while he did that. He wonders ponderously over to Caleb and checks whether the dark Inquisitor is dead. Iorie seems to know what is wrong and soaks some bandages in anti-toxin. As the bandages touch Caleb’s face a tiny bit of colour returns and his blackened eyes flash open. His mouth, a second before a mournful frown, is now a smirk again.

The party re-unite to find themselves on the next platform of the stairway, they start to walk up to the next platform noticing that the spider eater had completely devoured all the wasps that they saw on their scouting efforts the day before, the nest stands mournfully empty in the looming shadows.

As they walk on, the moon comes out from behind the dark clouds of Ravenscrag’s skies and what once were shadows melt into the figures of humanoid shapes. They are ambushed and taken by complete surprise. Takeo is the first one attacked and a shiny burst of metal lunges out of the cliff face from nowhere. But the Samurai seems impossibly quick and the blade is deflected. The wizard Kalthanus is not so lucky and a large burst of blood erupts from his side with no apparent cause.

Iorie is at the back of the group and he barely notices as a small dart implants itself into the monks exposed neck. His skin turns pale and he drops to the floor unconscious and silent. A dark shape bounds over him towards the others.

Helgarval the Angel is out of his element and does his best to aid his companions as they are each in sequence ambushed from out of the night. He moves from skirmish to skirmish using his limited elemental powers to afflict the Oni with a cold frost.

Takeo continues to deflect the blows of the ninjas around him matching their dexterity with ease and grace, a small frown of concentration disrupts the otherwise calm demeanour. He drops his Katana and draws Whispering Shriek which unfortunately opens up the smallest of gaps in his defense that allows a sword swipe to connect on his leg. The samurai responds with thrust to the Oni’s gut which is aided by Helgarval’s graceful aura.

Caleb Clay’s attack comes from in front of him and his star-blade dances quickly, parrying the blows of the assassin while his dark spiked chain snakes its way out from his sleeve. For a split second he perceives the threat as the figures seems to blur in and out of focus around him and their black eyes and beaks are distinguished. “Oni!” he shouts as the chain lashes out from his sleeve, but it goes wide over the ninjas shoulder harmlessly. Suddenly the Oni is below his reach and he feels his legs go out from under him. He barely manages to hold on as he finds himself dangling off the side of the rope-bridge; a new gash has opened up on his side and he bellows in pain. A dark anger bursts forth from his eyes as he pulls himself back up, taking another few minor strikes from the ninjas Katana. He manages to drive the spike through the Oni in response and hears a satisfying pained squawk. Mug moves past Caleb and buries his sword into the Oni and pinning him to the rock wall, after taking a blow in response it only serves to enrage him more. Caleb watches his companion furiously raging blows against the bird man, who dies in a terribly violent flurry of feathers and blood. The display pleases him as he anticipates the ninja behind him will attack and prepares himself for it. But, just as he begins to think the ninja has vanished again he drops his defense to look around and is rewarded by a blade somehow burying itself into him from nowhere. Mug rips the sword out of the very dead Oni that lies as a pile of bits on the side of the bridge and turns round in a elegant arc with his blade, decapitating the ninja stabbing Caleb. He then stalks confidently towards the last Oni who seems slow and unsure of himself all of a sudden.

Takeo closes the distance to the last Ninja as Kalthanus blasts him decisively with a ray of blinding white light from his staff. The whispering shriek pierces the Oni’s stomach with a sickening slash and the ninja’s muscles all collapse at once leaving his body to tumble over the edge. A squawky wilhelm scream is heard echoing from the sides of the cliff.

Kalthanus pours a potion of healing down Caleb’s throat and hisses a warning. “You owe me Chelaxian….”

Caleb950XP = 320 (Killing the Spider Eater) + 480 (Killing x3 Tengu Ninjas) + 150 (Session writeup) Current XP = 17340 + 950 = 18290XP
Iorie800XP = 320 (Killing the Spider Eater) + 480 (Killing x3 Tengu Ninjas)
Kaltharnus800XP = 320 (Killing the Spider Eater) + 480 (Killing x3 Tengu Ninjas) – Total: 15628 XP
Mug1000XP = 320 (Killing the Spider Eater) + 480 (Killing x3 Tengu Ninjas) + 200 (Badass Killing Blow)
Takeo800XP = 320 (Killing the Spider Eater) + 480 (Killing x3 Tengu Ninjas)



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