The Jade Regent

Yetis in the Tunnels

Mug slumped, spent and badly beaten. The massive orks frame came to rest heavily on the ground. Its green mass matched the revenants corpse in pose, but yet his breath still came in and out. The thing that lay beside him had drained him, sucked the very essence of his powerful rage.

The old woman who followed the party approached him. Again her beautiful poetry filled the room. She seemed stronger, more sure in this place. Even though it appeared as dreadful as any place Caleb had ever seen, there must be still some trace of Desna’s divinity lingering. It empowered her somehow he thought. She lay her hands upon the ork’s arms just above his wrists. The old carved wounds lit up bright white alarmingly and then just as swiftly faded back to scarred black green. The magic flowed past his barriers, in and through. He got up with a quick smile, saving a spell of it for her.

The wizard Kalthanus stood motionless at the North-east passage murmuring. An annoyed frown creased his face. Whatever was up there in the ice, it was just past his magical apprehension and he didn’t like it. Caleb stood with him and listened but heard nothing. Kalthanus’ eyes snapped open after a few minutes, once the entire party had rested and the ork had rejoined them. Waving his arms in a magical manner at the barrier to the north east. The air stilled and electrified around him, arcs of blue green energy crackled between his hands and the barrier. This time it did not fall, the only result was a cackling laughter echoing from behind the wall. Incensed, the wizard tried again. The blue green light burst forth again and reached into a mechanical scream of noise and purple stars. The barrier held, as did the laughter.

Caleb, after admiring the magical display, catches himself and turns to find Mug gone. His keen eyes follow the ork’s heavy footprints embossed on the dirt and debris on the floor. They lead clearly up the North West passage, strange growls echo from their path. The inquisitor alerts Kalthanus and Koya and they begin to follow the ork quickly. The wizard teleports out of sight and Koya follows a short distance behind him.

A sudden movement catches Caleb’s eye as he strides forward, a shadow cast on the wall of the cavern to his left. The gun is already in his hand before he can command it to be, the creature already outflanked. Barely breaking stride, Caleb brings the ghostly pistol up to its barely humanoid cranium and blows its brains across the cavern wall. His strides don’t break as he rounds the corner to find Mug surrounded by wild Yetis. Koya brings a handkerchief up to her mouth as she steps past the headless body left in the inquisitors wake.

The Yetis attacks are feral and merciless, strike after strike of rocky spears and freezing claws rend the ork’s flesh. Only a few are parried, instead Mug chooses to cleave into the pack, breaking the momentum of their attacks at the expense of his own defenses.

Then Kalthanus is behind him and the blue green lightening jumps from Yeti to Yeti disintegrating a few and badly burning the others. Whatever is left is already being chopped to pieces by the now furious ork.

After a short rest the party split. Kalthanus and Koya keep lookout as Mug descends into the crevasse where the Yetis were hiding. Caleb strikes off on his own to stealthy explore the rest of the tunnels around them.

After only a few turns the inquisitor finds himself at an intersection of tunnels. The air is too crisp and still to sense anything but the sound of his own breathing. Something has been living in here for a long time. He just can’t quite get a sense of where they are. Before he can react the claws rake against his outstretched arm. The gun drifts away as his grip loosens, its dark smoke disappearing into the dark around him. A pair of red angry eyes take its place.

Sensing something is amiss, Kalthanus follows Caleb into the caves while Koya helps Mug ascend back from the depths of the crevasse. The short sharp noises of battle reach his ears before he goes too far down the path. His form drifts and light weaves around him as the spell of invisibility takes hold. He gracefully dodges past each of the Yetis that are advancing towards the rest of the party. Caleb’s body lies bloody and motionless on the floor at the intersection of a few old worn tunnels. “Not again.” the Wizard thinks.

Koya too is taken by surprise by the beast as she came up following Kalthanus. A savage yeti is waiting for her around the corner of the first bend and slashes into her. It doesn’t see the massive ork that is only a few feet behind her. His blade catches it’s head and the face is frozen in a grim look of surprise as it bounces down the wall away from its body.

Mug once again charges into a pack of the wild Yeti, rending their flesh with blurring sword strikes and shouting in a vicious fury. Kalthanus reappears again, coming out of nowhere, arcs of blue light crackle off the walls and smoke tendril up the flesh of each of the yetis.

Koya steps back away from the battle and surveys the situation. She marks the fallen inquisitor and the ever present wounds on the ork, using all her strength she draws on Desna again to burst positive energy into the room to aid her friends.

The last thing the leader of the Yeti pack sees is the bloodied pale corpse of the human it had just killed rising eerily to face it. The humans eyes glow impossibly black, the kind of nothing one sees only in the worst of terror. A sword slides horribly between his back ribs through his lungs and out from his front chest, he can’t perceive it. Those black eyes hold his vision. An arc of blue light sears his arms into short blackened stumps. He watches those eyes. Then the last sounds he will ever hear beat themselves onto his ears, though he can’t fathom their meaning. “Burn” the pale human says, and it is no more.



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